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The Netherlands
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The Netherlands and Former TerritoriesN.V.P.H. 2018
Indonesia and Suriname Rep.Zonnebloem (Zo.)
The Netherlands and Former Territories PWSGeuzendam (Geu.)
GermanyMichel 2017
AustriaANK 2014 (sometimes Michel)
FranceYvert (Yv.) 2009
Cyprus and GreeceVlastos (Vl.) (sometimes still Yvert or Michel)
Straits SettlementsStanley Gibbons 2017 (SG.) (sometimes still Yvert or Michel)
Italy, San Marino and VaticanSassone 2017 (Sas.) (sometimes still Yvert or Michel)
OtherYvert (<=1940), Stanley Gibbons (<=1970, Br. Com. W.) and Michel (other)

**PostfrisMint No Hinge
*OngebruiktMint Hinged
(**)NagegomdNew Gum
(*)Zonder gomNo Gum
(o)GebruiktVery Fine Used
BRFBrieven, PWS en FDC'sCovers, FDC's
LuxeLuxe, zonder gebrekenLuxe, no remarks
ModerateEnkele gebrekenModerate, some smaller remarks
2nd ChoiceBehoorlijke gebreken2nd choice, damaged

Shipping, Handling and Adminstration costs
< 20 gr2.002.502.502.50
< 50 gr3.
< 100 gr4.
< 350 gr6.0010.0010.0010.00
< 2000 gr10.0012.5017.5022.50
Registered and assured on your request
or when total exceeds 100 Euro.
< 2000 gr10.0015.0020.0025.00
< 2000 gr12.5015.0022.5030.00
< 5000 gr12.5020.0030.0040.00
< 10000 gr12.5030.0040.0065.00
< 20000 gr25.0040.0050.00120.00

For EUR1 and EUR2 countries see Zones Dutch Post
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